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Install Experience

Enable frictionless app installs from any mobile ad placement in just one tap.

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Grow Your Mobile App Audience

Better User Experience

SingleTap is the most focused and intuitive app install experience available. There are no redirects, cluttered app store pages, or competitive app offerings.

Improved Conversions

Reduce friction and improve mobile app conversion rates by up to 200%. SingleTap offers multiple touchpoints after install to ensure users engage with your app.

Comprehensive Solution

Unlike other ad solutions, SingleTap works on all major browsers including OEM defaults. A customizable module provides flexibility to A/B test copy, creative and user flows.

Easy to Implement

SingleTap plugs natively into any call-to-action with a simple deep link placement. Digital Turbine’s platform is integrated with all major mobile app tracking services. Install attribution is server-to-server.

Unlock your install potential. Contact us now to get started.