Top Shopping Apps Add Preloads to their UA Cart in Q4

The holidays are big for your app. But it’s also the best time to grow your users. Our report gives you EXCLUSIVE INSIGHT into key trends leading shopping apps like Wish already know:

Trend 1: Q4 is the peak time for shopping app installs; Trend 2: Q4 shopping app installs are especially popular on new devices; Trend 3: Q4 is the peak for new phone purchases; Trend 4: Many new device owners are also prime eCommerce targets; Trend 5: New device owners prefer preloads to other UA methods; Trend 6: Direct-to-device is especially preferred by key shopping segments; Trend 7: App installs are declining; Trend 8: The number of people that don't download ANY apps is increasing; Trend 9: Direct-to-device conversions build over time.


Q4 is the Peak Time for Shopping App Installs

Ranking second in the list of top installed app categories, over 42% of people install a shopping app in Q4 – a number that falls by 30% in Q1! While one reason for this difference is the holidays, there is another key factor that retailers can exploit in their UA campaigns.


Q4 Shopping App Installs are Especially Popular on New Devices

Every year in Q4, shopping sprees don’t only happen in retail stores. A spree also happens on new phones — where retail apps are being downloaded in droves. In fact, new phone owners are 30% more likely to install your app than someone with an older phone. .

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